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Founder / Technology
Tibi is the main engine behind the Opportunity Card service. Motivated by a serendipituous encounter, Tibi started working on an idea that would facilitate great matches for those who are still searching and actively pursuing their interests. Opportunity Card is targeted towards hands-on opportunity seekers, who are looking for what is likely the most important element in any venture: the person who is coming along for that ride.
He owns the full implementation:
  • concept, design, architecture
  • full stack implementation, Google cloud backend
  • intellectual property and proprietary algorithms
Tibi has PhD in computer science from Purdue and MBA from Chicago Booth.


Founder / Business
Alex is focused on growing the business of Opportunity Card .
He is involved with:
  • busines development - sales, marketing, customers acquisition, growth hacking, identifying partnerships, etc
  • investor / VC relations
  • product management
Alex has MBA from Chicago Booth, and worked at Google.

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