Our mission is to facilitate collaborations, to empower people to use productively their unused capacity and skills, and to help anyone with an idea, energy, or capital to start small enterprises. For this reason, setting up and using the opportunity card is FREE.

As you become more popular and start seeing lots of requests, our support for more refined results will need a more sophisticated machinery, so we will charge you for this service.


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- Intended for evaluating the service
- Everyone should print their Opportunity Card
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- Includes all standard features
- Enterprise Management of Multiple Users.
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Ethereum payments: why and how ?
Cryptocurrencies are a great concept. We want to promote a healthy utilization of these tools (we focus on Ethereum) by accepting payments.
While most of the people use Ethereum either for speculation (directly traded on exchanges) or for application development (via smart contracts), we just want to see them used for payments.
Given that there is a very high variation of their value, we are likely to change the service price we charge in Ethereum, but will always try to keep it close to its USD value.
  • You need to have Ethereum in a wallet/account that you control
  • You need to have the MetaMask browser plugin.
  • Make sure you have in your MetaMask wallet a sufficient amount to make the payment
  • When you click "Pay with Ethereum", the Metamask plugin will initiate the transfer directly into our account. We don't use any intermediaries.
  • You should see a confirmation link, that gives you the status of your transfer. When the transfer is done, your account will be marked as "Paid".
Thank you for supporting a healthy cryptocurrency marketplace.

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