The Origin Story - Why we built the Opportunity Card.

I know a lot of very smart, capable, and dedicated people. I meet them at events, at work, or in my social circles. They are all around you as well. One thing that I noticed about all of them - they have a tremendous amount of untapped potential which is very seldom exploited because they have a hard time identifying the right opportunities.

Just like me and you, everyone is doing their best at promoting themselves - they have a business card, they have a LinkedIn profile, they participate in events and network with people. However, all these mechanisms essentially say "I exist", and "I am what I did in my past".

I believe that it's time for a better tool that looks into the future and says "This is what I can do for you". Such a tool would go beyond the surface, and instead of simply presenting the each of us in attractive colors, it would expose and promote us as a helpful, valuable member of our cirle, community, company, etc.

It's time to reinvent the business card, to make it Quantify the Opportunity of interacting/collaborating/partnering with the person behind it.

Problem #1 - Standing out when it matters.

I've known certain people for years and years. Some have been my best friends for since college, some even from primary school. And I know they are smart and capable. Yet we always managed to avoid each other in terms of collaborating and pursuing the same opportunities.

Now imagine how hard it would be to discover a great opportunity collaborating with someone who is not directly in your circle, someone you just met, someone you don't spend a lot of time talking to, someone who you generally would hand your business card to. With such a person, maybe there is a 5% chance of going into the right discussion, discovering that you actually have the same passions and that you can work together to reach mutually beneficial goals - but most often than not, it will not happen.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a tool that helps us stand out when we are the most relevant candidate , for a broad set of people each with their specific needs and opportunities?

Problem #2 - Measuring the potential of the collaboration opportunity.

Let's say we have the tool, and let's imagine it's our business card, or the LinkedIn profile, or something derived from those. As long as we hand it out to the people we should be covered, right ?
Well, not quite. What is missing is a robust way to measure the fit between two people. While above I used "great opportunity" quite liberally, the problem is that 99% of the time, measurement is done using subjective methods and factors and the information going into that measurement is often incomplete and inacurrate.

There are several causes that make it difficult to objectively measure the opportunity of a connection to another person: Wouldn't it be nice to have a metric that gives an objective estimate of the potential of a collaboration between two people ?

Our Solution - Qualify and Quantify the Opportunity of each Connection

We are bringing forth an evolutionary change to the business card - by adding a completely new function to it - a component that dynamically, interactively, and transparently measures the opportunity potential of the collaboration between the owner of the card and the person who received the card.

Our OpportunityCard solution implements a private interests/skill/availability matching engine that everyone can set up for themselves, and that produces a unique link to our matching service. The resulting link can be published, in the form of a QR code, on a classical, paper business card, and when scanned by a mobile phone QR code reader, it will take the receiver of the enhanced business card to a form where they can enter terms that describe their own interests, and instantly get a measure of the opportunity potential of collaborating with the card owner.

The old, boring, business card becomes a very powerful promotion channel, by answering the hugely important question should we be working together? We encourage you to use this on your business card.

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