Personal Promotion Strategies

Your own future is primarily in your hands - promote yourself effectively

Once you have a minimal profile (with at least one term for matching), a permanent, personalized promotion link is generated for you. That link is an interface where others input their search parameters that are matched against your profile. The link is in the form IMPORTANT:you will need to promote this to people who can help you.

Print The QR code on your paper business card.

  1. Your promotion link for matching is encoded in the QR code we generate automatically:
  2. Use one of the on-line Business Card Printing Services to place your QR code on the card before you print them out:

Add the link to your email signature

If you email client allows it, include this image in your signature:
  1. The online source of the image (IMGSRC) is :
  2. The link to your promotion page (PROMOLINK) is of the form:
  3. The HTML that gets included in your email is <a href="PROMOLINK"><img src="IMGSRC"></a>

List the profile link on-line

You can also promote yourself by posting on-line (and on social media, etc), the link to your personalized profile.
E.g. link for the demo user: http://OpportunityCard.Me/card/connect?reqId=63141b4e-40b6-4327-a1ad-6c2f2f8a8492

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